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BF3U Podcast #1 - MrTexan505May 05, 2012, 11:54:28 pm by Force | 0 comments

As a few of you know, we held our first podcast last night, and joining us was YouTuber, MrTexan505. We had a great show and it was a lot of fun, lasted for about 1.5 hours. We covered our thoughts on the patch, DLC, community Q&A and some other random ramblings about Battlefield 3, Bad Company 3, MoH and Call of Duty. You can now download the edited version of the podcast below:

Podcast #1:
BF3U Twitch:

We hope to be able to have another podcast soon and thanks to those of you that took part in the chat, and listened to us, I know it was pretty early in the morning for Europeans but we appreciate those that made the effort.
BF3 Unleashed StreamingApril 25, 2012, 02:50:53 am by Force | 0 comments

We have set ourselves up with a Twitch TV account, so you guys can expect to see some gameplay and podcast streaming going on there. Head on over to and check it out. We will announce on Twitter when we are streaming as well!
Welcome!March 30, 2012, 04:55:15 am by Jack90Bauer | 0 comments

Welcome to our small ( for now ) Battlefield 3 Community/Fan-Site.

Here you will be able to socialize and interact with other fellow Battlefield 3 players.

You can also share your screenshots, video clips, montages and art work.

Don't forget to join a Clan/Platoon or promote your own!

Do you own a server? Stay up to date with our BF3U Rcon, an application created so that server owners can make the most out of their servers, stay up to date with this on our main website. More details will be appearing soon!

Don't forget to join our 24/7 Community server with IRC echo, just search for "Unleashed" on Battlelog!

Our objective is to have a friendly and united community so we can share all our Battlefield experiences together.

Semper Fi.



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